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I'm 44 years old and i collect stamps for more than 30 years. I collect almost all countries, but postally used only.

My duplicates from my own country, France, are sorted in stockbooks, in order that i can work with wantlists.

I also have thousands of used duplicates from others countries, waiting for many years in glassines and boxes. I decided to put a small part of them in a stockbook, to take pictures, and to put them on the web.

I hope this way of making exchanges will be a success, if yes i will add more countries.

My first goal is to exchange stamps from small countries and Islands for same material. I have no wantlists for most small countries, so if you are able to send pictures of your duplicates it will be fine for me. But if you have stamps from my wantlists it will be also OK.

I decided not to put my wantlists on the web. I make about 2/3 exchanges a week, and i want to be sure that you read updated wantlists. If you find stamps you need on my pictures, send me a e-mail and tell me what you can offer in exchange.

 You can write to me in French, English or Spanish.

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Stockbook of duplicates #1

Stockbook of duplicates #2

Stockbook of duplicates #3

Stockbook #4 France only

Used stamps from France

List of countries i need